October 14, 2020

Live Broadcast App Adds Social Gambling for the Middle East Market

Apart from Tik Tok, a new live broadcast product that is noteworthy, especially in the Middle East market. An application called StreamKar appeared in the list of top 20 profitable products on Sensor Tower’s ranking board. It is even impressive that StreamKar did not even carry out large-scale advertising campaigns. What is behind its success story? The reason might be that this live broadcast App adds social gambling for the Middle East market to make it extra appealing.

How popular is StreamKar in the Middle East and what can we learn from their strategies?

StreamKar has been in the Asian market, especially the Middle East for more than three years. And it is still one of the top 20 best-sellings in Google Play Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan. The number of new downloads is recently the 13th place among all the Apps under Short Video & Live Broadcast category.

So how does StreamKar keep being competitive and stand out in the homogenised live broadcast market? There are three things they have been doing right:

  1. Create various ways for monetization, especially through social gambling games;
  2. Easy registration and sharing-friendly;
  3. Chat room. Always chat room;
  4. Make the live streamers “rich”.

Using social gambling games for the monetization of the live broadcast platform in the Middle East market.

It is always very difficult to make a live broadcast product this profitable. As for the monetization strategies, what companies usually adopt is:

  1. Gifts as tips
  2. Paid VIP privileges
  3. Advertising

StreamKar uses all the three above. Users pay to join the VIP so that they can have access to special effects and virtual tools. VIP or SVIP can even chat with their favourite for a longer time via private messages or supporting video chat. This is definitely more appealing than being a virtual billionaire.

Apart from the monetization strategies mentioned above, social gambling game is another revenue source of StreamKar. The Alibaba’s Cave is a very popular game on StreamKar that players can bet to win coins or special prizes.

StreamKar also has a Play Center where users can play 7 different games such as SK Derby, Teen Patti and Lucky Paisa. These are usually games of luck. Users can choose different odds to place the bet and win the corresponding coins as a reward.

Adding live broadcasting to casino games is actually not innovated by StreamKar. Another outstanding live dealer gaming platform, AG (Asia Gaming), has been doing the same thing for many years now. On AG gaming platform, players can enjoy instant interaction with live broadcasters during the casino game. The AG broadcasters are not the card dealers. They are entertainers who act as player online friends. Players can even discuss betting strategies during the game, which makes the games even more interactive and relaxing.

Although gambling is illegal in most Middle East countries. But without offering cash as rewards, it is still acceptable. Most importantly, it does give people a way to release their long-suppressed desire.

Easy registration and sharing-friendly

Easy registration

In order to lower the barriers to join the App, StreamKar supports multiple third party registration shortcuts such as Facebook, Google Play, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Different from many other video content Apps, users are welcome to upload videos from other Apps but they will carry the watermarks of other short video platforms, such as Kwai, Likee, Vigo Video, etc. This function encourages users to share instead of putting the pressure of creating original contents on them. And as always, users are also allowed to share their favourite contents to WhatsApp, and other social platforms. Since there is no limitation on the source of content, it potentially makes StreamKar a video library and brings more traffic here.

Chat room. Always chat room.

StreamKar provides three types of live streaming, video live stream, voice live stream and chat room. We found that users in the Middle East and Indian love chat rooms. The form of live radio broadcast can meet the social expression needs of users who are not willing to reveal their faces. And streaming without video is obviously good for saving mobile data as well.

Make the live streamers “rich”.

Content is always the king. A live stream platform’s business model won’t work at all if without the content providers, the live broadcasters. Therefore, keeping the live broadcasters happy is the key to ensure the community to have a good vibe.

According to reliable sources, StreamKar offers two types of salary packages for live broadcasters, a basic salary with commission and a floating income that is purely based on rewards from audiences. Source also added the basic salary is approximately US$119 per month. Although the floating salary does not have a guarantee, the more rewards the streamer receives, the higher the income (could be up to $6,000 per month).

Final Words

As one of the pioneers of live broadcast platforms, StreamKar may point out a path with great potential for the industry. That is to add certain social gambling elements to the product. Or it could also be applied in the other way around, adopting live broadcasters in social casinos.

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