October 14, 2020

Money-Making Game Made by Chinese Companies Became so Popular in the US market

Recently, quite a few Chinese Apps have achieved good rankings in the US App Store. Apart from short video Apps and social casinos, money-making games made by Chinese companies gained popularity in the US market. Good Luck Studio Limited is one of the successful money-making game developers.

What is a money-making game?

While money making games provide players with casual games, they will also give players cash and gift incentives. The basic business model of the game is to aggregate traffic through prize incentives. And it later uses the aggregated traffic for advertising.

In summary, there are the following three characteristics of those games:

  1. Give cash or other incentives
  2. Usually casual games with simple rules
  3. Earn from advertising

What are the most popular money-making games in the US market?

The most successful one, Plinko Master-Be a Winner, ranked 20th in the US iOS Free category on June 15.  Only 9 days later, Plinko Master-Be a winner raised up to 4th. Although the other money-making games didn’t rank as high as Plinko Master, they all kept an upward trend.

The company developed five money-making games targeting the US market. And four of them ranked Top 100. As we can see from the picture below, the Apps always have positive keywords such as “winner”, “reward”, and “lucky” in their names.

What are the money-making games like?

Plinko Master – Be a Winner is one of the games which gained popularity within a rather short period of time. The ranking of Plinko Master rose more than 300 places within only one month.

So what’s so appealing about this game to the American users?

Plinko is a popular game of luck in many western game shows, such as Price Is Right.

Plinko game from game show Price Is Right

Plinko Master took the idea of this game of luck and made it mobile-friendly. So the gameplay is easy to understand for many American players. Then the next step is to add the gimmick of money-making. It allows players to redeem prizes after they play for a certain period of time.

The other games are like Lucky Dice – Get Rewards Easy, Lucky Pusher-Win Big Rewards, and Pony Go all share a similar idea. And all of them achieved a good ranking in the first half of 2020.

The creator of those money-making games — Good Luck Studio

According to Good Luck Studio Limited’s official website, this is a team established in 2019. They hope to provide a variety of games that could spread happiness and luck to the players.

Although the company information stated that Good Luck Studio Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong, the operation and development teams are located in Chengdu China, an industry insider said. And they plan to overtake the App Store free ranking board in the United States.

Localization is the key to money-making games.

There are many teams in China that make money making games, and they export those games to foreign markets.

Good Luck Studio proved that if implanted with localized entertainment or games, the money-making applications will be more appealing to the local players. Especially if those games are gambling-related or games of luck, there will be certain groups of the audience that will quickly adopt the gameplay and fall in love with the game as well as the money-making idea. Therefore, money-making games are often very attractive to potential casino game players or gamblers.

Many money making games in China are exactly designed to be marketing tools for acquiring local poker and cards players, or even gamblers in the unregulated gaming industry.

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